Links to all three surveys can be found below. Apart from the one you have just completed please click and complete any other relevant survey below:

1. School Uniform Survey – this is for parents of children currently enrolled and those who hope to have children enrolled in September 2014. It’s really short and its aim is to find out if parents want a school uniform, crest etc. Click here to complete the uniform survey.
2. School Bus Survey – this is for parents who will have children enrolled in September 2014. If you intend using the bus service next year please complete this short questionnaire which will help us plan the route for 2014/15. The route will not be changed in September so if you would like to use the bus it’s important that you complete the short online form here.
3. Literacy and Numeracy Survey – at the moment every primary school is undertaking a self-evaluation of teaching and learning. To help us in that evaluation, we would be grateful for your views and opinions with the main focus being on literacy and numeracy. The questionnaire should take no more than 10 minutes to complete and is for parents with children in 1st to 6th class currently enrolled in the school. Please note that the questionnaire is anonymous and to access it click here and enter the password gortskehy1887 (lowercase).