The Grow in Love programme is the new religious education series from Veritas. It is a colourful and fun way for children and families to learn about faith, both in school and at home. It will replace the Alive-O programme in every Catholic primary school in the country.

It includes illustrations to accompany every story with online videos and weblinks for further study. Our school was chosen to dramatise the Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard. The following video is the result of much practice and will form part of the Grow in Love national video database.

The pupils in the senior room performed their roles extremely well and we are very proud that their achievement will be viewed in schools nationwide for many years to come.


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Video: Senior Room Play – An Saol in Agrabah

Posted by Sian On January - 21 - 2018

This is a story trí Ghaeilge of life in Agrabah, a land ruled by a feared Sultan, anxious to have his daughter Jasmine married. His chief advisor Jafar is tasked with finding a suitable prince. Scene 1 features local stall traders, princess Jasmine, Aladdin, who is wanted for stealing, and the palace guards. Scene 2 reveals a very demanding princess Jasmine, her ladies-in-waiting, the Sultan, queen and advisor Jafar. Scene 3 shows Aladdin in prison where the Genie also makes an appearance. The final scene has a little surprise and reveals our happy ending.

The children will perform the play in Castlebar on February 13th as part of Féile Scoildrámaíocht Mhaigh Eo.

Senior Room Christmas Play 2017

Senior Room Christmas Play 2017

Sincere thanks to @GarrymoreGAA for the use of the hall and to everyone who donated prizes for the raffle and supported us on the night.

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  1. Mary Lydon says:

    Well done to all the teachers and pupils from Gortskehy on your Christmas play. A great night. And not forgetting Santa and Rudolf.

Galway Junior Film Fleadh

Posted by EvanF On November - 28 - 2016

Recently we went for a visit to Galway because our film League of Skeletons was being shown at the Galway Junior Film Festival. We watched movies from other schools and got our picture taken. There were many great films shown. Afterwards our teacher brought us on a walking tour of Galway. First we went to Eyre square.

Eyre Square, Galway.

Eyre Square, Galway.

In 1631 it was a market area. It was officially presented to the city in 1710 by Mayor Edward Eyre but it was named John F Kennedy memorial park when JFK, president of America at this time, made a speech on his visit to Galway in 1963, only a few months before he was shot.

JFK making his speech in Galway in 1963.

JFK making his speech in Galway in 1963.

We went to the shopping centre and saw part of the original city walls. We also saw a building with limestone walls. Then we saw a building called Lynch’s castle. The Lynches were one of the fourteen merchant families who dominated the life of Galway city between the mid-13th and late 19th centuries. That’s why Galway is known as the city of the tribes. On the roof of Lynch’s castle were stone heads of monsters. Their mouths were open so when the rain hit the roof it would flow through a pipe and out their mouths. There was also a statue of a stone monkey. This was there because once when a fire broke out in Lynch’s castle and everyone got out except one infant, Lynch’s pet monkey climbed in the window and saved the child.

Lynch's castle in Galway.

Lynch’s castle in Galway.

We went inside The King’s Head pub and saw the huge stone fireplaces. It is called The King’s Head because when the king of England, King Charles 1, was to be executed in 1649, a man from Galway called Gunning was sent to execute him. This was because English people didn’t want an English man killing the king of England. So with an axe, Gunning chopped off the king’s head. As a reward he was given the King’s Head pub and some land in Galway. The novel, I Coriander, we are reading at school is set in the time of King Charles. It is set just after he was executed.

The King's Head pub in Galway.

The King’s Head pub in Galway.

We then went to Saint Nicolas’ church. Oliver Cromwell once invaded the church with his men. They used the butts of their rifles to deface the statues. Only one statue (where Cromwell’s men tied up their horses) was unharmed. A mark in the floor can be seen where the horses were tied up.

Inside Saint Nicolas' church in Galway.

Inside Saint Nicolas’ church in Galway.

Outside the church is a monument with an engraving of the Claddagh ring. Barthomelew Fallon made the first Claddagh ring in 1700. Next we saw the home of Walter Lynch. Above the door was a skull and cross-bones. This was because in 1649 his own father sentenced him to death because he murdered a friendly Spanish merchant called Gomez who was having an affair with his girlfriend. Lynch was hung out of a window just above the skull and cross-bones. In 1477, Christopher Columbus visited Galway possibly on a voyage to Iceland or the Faroe Islands. We saw the River Corrib. It flows fast and is very deep. It powered most of the industry in Galway many years ago. There were about twenty water wheels built on the river Corrib. We had a great day and learned a lot.

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Our Award-Winning Film

Posted by EvanF On April - 8 - 2016

Before Easter, we went to the Odeon cinema in Limerick. Our film (League of Skeletons) was shortlisted from 400 entries for the Fresh Film Festival. Only 38 were shown in the cinema. We left at 7:15am on a bus. The journey took approximately 2 hours but we were delayed because of road works. On the way, we saw Thomond Park, the home of Munster rugby, and the River Shannon. When we got to the cinema we bought sweets and went to the toilet. We sat down in the cinema. We missed 3 or 4 movies because of the road works. There were many great films and two breaks. We won an award for best CGI effects (computer generated images). We got a plaque and our photo taken. On the way home we went to Supermacs to eat. We had a great day out. Watch our film below:

Fresh Film Award 2016

Fresh Film Award 2016


Megan, Amy and Lexie enjoying the show.


Orlaith and Sian enjoying a bag of crisps.


At break time.


Outside the Odeon cinema.


Micheál Ó Ciaraidh announcing the awards.


A picture of the girls after the awards.


Micheál Ó Ciaraidh having a chat with us.


Megan and Lorna after the show.


Adam and Blaine having a good time.


Gerard in the cinema.


Grace, Lorna and Nicole watching the films.

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Our Primary Planet Advert

Posted by Thomas On March - 1 - 2013

Martin Luther King recording (Joseph & Jamie, 4th class)
RBS commentary (Adam & Lorna, 3rd class)
Lion King trailer (Megan & Grace, 3rd class)

Photos (Justin & Rachel, 6th class)
First presenter (Thomas, 5th class)
Second presenter (Megan, 3rd class)
Third presenter (Joseph, 4th class)
Group at end (Conal, Justin, Enda, Rebecca, Amy, Rachel, Marie, 6th class)

Kim Kardashian animation (Amy, 6th class)
Zaha animation (Justin, 6th class)
Waxwing animation (Grace, 3rd class with help from Justin, 6th class)

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