The Importance of Friendship

Posted by Ms. Donnellan On April - 19 - 2018

“A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be.” – Douglas Pagels

Over the last few weeks the middle room have learned a lot about the importance of friendship. For friendship week we had our secret friend project, where each child picked a name of another child in our class from the hat. Over that week they were to be extra kind to this person without them realising. At the end of the week each child shared some lovely facts they may have already known or even learned about their secret friend that week. This week we have concentrated a little more on the importance of friendship. The class were divided into groups to create a poem based on our topic. I think the results are fantastic and I’m sure you will all agree.

Following all our hard work we went outside to enjoy some of the lovely sunshine today.




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  1. What great poems!! Well done

Reading Buddies

Posted by Ms. Naughton On March - 5 - 2018

Our Reading Buddy program is an initiative where older students participate in a paired reading activity with younger students.

This year, pupils from 4th/5th/6th classes (Big Buddies) were paired with pupils from 1st and 2nd classes (Little Buddies).  The pupils meet twice a week for 8 weeks.  Each week, the pairs & small groups read aloud to each other, benefiting both students reading & listening skills.

The ‘Little Buddies’ benefit from:

  • hearing stories read-aloud (modelling of reading fluency, phrasing and expression)
  • having conversations with an older student about topics that interest and involve them (extending their vocabulary, oral language abilities)
  • having regular opportunities to practice familiar reading with assistance
  • enjoying fun, positive experiences with older school children.

The ‘Big Buddies’ benefit from:

  • further developing their own literacy skills
  • fostering leadership and problem-solving skills
  • improved self-confidence that comes from being looked-up to
  • a very real and important reason to be responsible, and an opportunity to praised for positive behaviour

Reading Buddies can promote a higher interest and participation in reading, improvement in social and communication skills.  And, most importantly, it’s just FUN!

Here are some pictures of our buddies in action!





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Christmas greetings on Skype

Posted by Máistir Ó Beirn On December - 21 - 2016

Over the past few days we’ve had five online meetings with our partner schools in France, Croatia, Portugal, Lithuania and Austria. We sang Silent Night in Irish, English and played it on the tin whistle. The other schools also sang Silent Night in their native language. We asked each other questions about Christmas in each country and played an online card game where we had to try and find the matching Santas.  Everyone from Infants to Sixth class took part. It was great fun.

Online meeting with pupils from our partner schools.

Skype call with France.

Playing a matching game with our partner school.

Playing a matching game with our partner school.

Playing a matching game with our partner school.

Playing a matching game with our partner school.

Playing a Christmas matching game with the other schools.

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Christmas Elves

Posted by Ms. Thomas On December - 19 - 2016

The middle room got into the Christmas spirit last week and we were very creative! We enjoyed making our elves and writing about them. It was great fun! Santa has lots of Elves this year! Happy Christmas from the middle room!

Our Christmas Elves We enjoyed making Elves! The Elves are getting ready for Christmas! All the Elves wish you a very Happy Christmas!

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The Gold Heist

Posted by EvanF On January - 31 - 2014

The Gold Heist.

As my best friend Pierce and I walked down the streets of Claremorris we were planning on taking a little shopping trip to Smyth’s toy store. That was until we noticed some workers working on the road. We went up to them to ask them what had happened. They explained how the road gave way earlier that day and how it was lucky no one got hurt.

We turned around and headed home. Pierce groaned. “What will we do now? ”Well we could go somewhere else for a change” I suggested. So that’s what we decided to do. The two of us decided to take a different route home. We kept going until we found a small shopping centre. ‘This will do’ I said. We went inside but it was really rather boring. “This is really boring” Pierce moaned. So we left. As we walked down the road, it began to rain. We ran to an old ruin of what used to be a house. We sheltered there. “Well maybe we should explore this old house while we’re here” suggested Pierce.

I took out a torch that I had in my pocket. We weren’t expecting to go home until late which is why I had the torch. We went into separate rooms. I was looking around when I noticed something strange. It was a vase. Everything else was covered in sheets and dust but this was a freshly dusted vase. What would a new shiny vase be doing in an old deserted house?

Suddenly I heard a yell “EVAN!”. It was Pierce. I ran into the next room where Pierce was kneeling on the ground. When I reached him I tripped over a ring on the floor. It seemed to be connected to a trap door. Our hearts lifted as we pulled the ring out of the ground. There was some kind of tunnel underneath and candles lit on the wall. “Come on” said Pierce excitedly. “No it’s getting late” I said, “we’ll come back in the morning.”

It was a very disappointing week. It rained and poured for the whole week. The workers were nearly done by the time we got a chance to go back to the old house. Well the first thing we did when we got into town was make our way to the old house. Before we entered the secret tunnel we had a little look around. I went into the room with the vase. This time there were roses. Strange I thought. Pierce joined me. “Nothing interesting here” said Pierce let’s check out the tunnel”. Having entered the tunnel we kept on walking until we came to a small door. We went inside. We saw some coats and nothing more. We kept on going until we heard some voices. We walked up quietly to where the voices were coming from. We were surprised to see that the voices were really the road workers. They were talking to each other about something. We could not fully hear them for they were at the other end of the tunnel.

They disappeared down a little passageway at the end of the tunnel. “Now’s our chance” I whispered to Pierce, “let’s get out of here”. We sneaked up behind some crates. Then Pierce and I noticed something extraordinary. It was gold. Actual real-life gold. We looked at it in awe. ‘Come on’ said Pierce. We walked down the tunnel to where the men had disappeared. We were about two hours wandering around the passageways until we saw some light. “Thank goodness” said Pierce. We looked up to see it was the road the workers were working on. We glanced back down the tunnel to see the room where the gold was. “That’s how they got up and down to their gold” I said.

There was just enough room in the road to squeeze through. We went right to the police station. They gave us some food to eat as we told them the story. ‘Very interesting’ said one of the policemen. All of us and the policemen went back to the tunnel. The men were just packing up the gold and their equipment. One of them took out a revolver. He was just about to shoot when some policemen crept up behind them. They took the men away and gave us a special reward. One gold bar. We were amazed at our reward. The police thanked us. We thanked them too. We were famous for a while. Lots of people were coming to take our pictures. We decided to go on a holiday. When we came back, we had returned to our own normal lives. We were very happy.

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  1. Jackie Burns Jackie Burns says:

    Brilliant story Evan, you’re famous now anyway, with your story printed on the Internet, well done! 🙂

  2. Good man Evan, you might be able to do a few of my assignments!!!!