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BT Young Scientist Video

Posted by Nicola On January - 24 - 2012

Here is a video of our trip to the RDS for the 2012 BT Young Scientist Exhibition.  We were the only primary school from Mayo selected to perform an experiment at the exhibition.  We discovered that every liquid you see will probably be either acidic or basic.  Water is neutral.  Scientists use something called the pH scale to measure how acidic or basic a liquid is.  Our experiment investigates the qualities of acids and bases in liquids.  Furthermore, how acidic or basic our soils are determines what we can grow in our gardens.   We built and programmed a robot to help with our experiment.  It uses colour and ultrasonic sensors.  Watch the video to find out more!


On our way to the RDS Young Scientist Exhibition

Posted by Máistir Ó Beirn On January - 13 - 2012

Our train was delayed for an hour and a half but we’re finally on our way!

Rebecca and Rachel

Enda, Justin and Conal

Orla, Amy and Diane

Nicola and Marie