Our school is delighted to have received a Discover Primary Science Award of Excellence.   Below are video clips representing some of the science activities undertaken throughout the year.

1. Energy & Forces

Investigating and experimenting with air-pressure:


Handling Electrical Components:


2. Environmental Awareness & Care

Identifying the interrelationship of the living and non-living elements of the local and other environments:


3. Living Things
We looked for insects around the school and recorded them in the classroom.  Insects are part of a bigger animal group called arthropods. The word Arthropod literally means jointed limbs. The arthropods are the first animal group to have jointed legs. Insects have certain characteristics. They have six legs. They have three body parts, a head, a thorax and an abdomen. They have wings. They are by far the largest animal group. They also have an outer or exoskeleton made of a substance called chitin.

In this video we investigate earwigs, centipedes and woodlice.

In this clip Lee tells us about beetles while Martin gives some interesting points on spiders.

4. Materials

Diving Drops and Sinking Feelings – an investigation into light and heavy liquids.

5. Our trip to the W5 Discovery Centre in Belfast.