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2022 County Champions! https://www.gortskehy.com/2022/11/2022-county-champions/ https://www.gortskehy.com/2022/11/2022-county-champions/#respond Mon, 21 Nov 2022 21:49:45 +0000 https://www.gortskehy.com/?p=36334 (Visited 6 times, 6 visits today)]]> On Thursday last, November 17th, history was made when Gortskehy girls overcame Culleens NS, Ballina and Breaffy NS to win the Mini-7 County Final for the first time.

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The Dome at the Connacht Centre of Excellence welcomed champions from the four corners of the county who arrived in anticipation of taking home silverware after an exciting campaign which began two months earlier. The semi-final line-up featured North (Culleens, Ballina) vs South (Gortskehy) and East (Charlestown) vs West (Breaffy).

At 11.30am referee John Finn threw in the ball and Gortskehy got off to a great start with Holly Hession knocking over a point followed shortly afterwards by a brace of goals from Faye Tierney. Grace Hristova was rarely troubled in goal until a hopeful ball found it’s way past the Gortskehy defence and Culleens fired to the net with a soccer-style shot that any premier league player would be proud of.

This was the only breach in the opening half as Sorsha Jennings and Aoife Hession were dominant on the backline. Holly Murphy took a fine point extending Gortskehy’s lead to five and Holly Hession added another, leaving the half-time scoreline 2-3 to 1-0.

The champions from Ballina were not to exit the stage so meekly, however, and following some positional changes proved much stronger in the second half. They opened the scoring with a goal, quickly followed by another to leave the teams on level pegging. A point by Holly Hession restored Gortskehy’s lead but this was short-lived as Culleens again found the net to go two points ahead for the first time in the game.

The mark of this Gortskehy team throughout the competition is that they never let their heads go down in spite of adverse momentum and Alaois Doherty, held scoreless up to now, fired home a wonderful goal to tip the balance once again in Gortskehy’s favour. Culleens responded with another goal to restore their lead but Alaois dominated the closing stretch with a brace of goals to secure a hat-trick and a hard-fought win for Gortskehy.

Culleens had won the second half by two points but the first half Gortskehy blitz proved decisive as they progressed to the final on a scoreline of 5-4 to 5-0.
Gortskehy: Grace Hristova, Sorsha Jennings, Aoife Hession, Alaois Doherty (3-0), Faye Tierney (2-0), Holly Hession (0-3), Holly Murphy (0-1).

The other semi-final saw Breaffy overcome Charlestown and, at 12.30, John Finn began the County Final with Holly Hession opening the scoring by bagging her first goal of the day. Breaffy responded with two points before Holly Murphy slotted home a goal with a fine shot that smashed in off the post. Breaffy finished the first half by tapping over a point to leave the half-time score Gortskehy 2-0, Breaffy 0-3.

Goals were shared in the opening minutes of the second half with Alaois Doherty keeping Gortskehy in front. Faye Tierney extended the lead by splitting the posts but Breaffy responded with a couple of fine points to leave just two between them as the game approached full time. Sorsha Jennings and Aoife Hession were busy on the back line as Breaffy came in search of a goal that might snatch a late victory. Following a clearance out of defence, Alaois Doherty won a free which she calmly slotted between the posts. The quick kick-out was won in mid-field by Faye Tierney who soloed past two attempts to stop her before blasting the ball over the crossbar which left Gortskehy now four points up.

As John Finn blew the final whistle, rounds of applause and cheers rang out beneath the Dome. The girls were congratulated by supporters, young and old, who saw Billy McNicholas, Mayo GAA Games Manager, present captain Grace Hristova with the County Shield before her team members received their medals.

Final Score: Gortskehy 3-3, Breaffy 1-5.
Gortskehy: Grace Hristova, Sorsha Jennings, Aoife Hession, Alaois Doherty (1-1), Faye Tierney (0-2), Holly Hession (1-0), Holly Murphy (1-0). Second half substitution, Ciara Hession for Holly Murphy.

Celebrations continued on the way home with a trip to Supermacs in Ballindine for a much needed meal. The welcome the team received back at school was a sight to behold with bonfires lining the route and a sea of red and white to greet them as they got off the bus. The whole community is so proud of our girls who made history on November 17th, 2022.

2022 County Champions
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October 2022 in 3rd & 4th Class https://www.gortskehy.com/2022/10/october-2022-in-3rd-4th-class/ https://www.gortskehy.com/2022/10/october-2022-in-3rd-4th-class/#respond Sat, 29 Oct 2022 20:22:57 +0000 https://www.gortskehy.com/?p=36284 (Visited 40 times, 2 visits today)]]> October was a busy month in 3rd and 4th class. We began the month immersing ourselves in a STEM project based on rivers. We studied the journey of a river, to discover it has three parts. It has an upper, middle and lower course. We learned all about the source, tributaries, and mouth of a river. We learned about the River Shannon in Ireland and the amazing Amazon River in South America. We even created our very own model of a river. We used sand, stones, tin foil, food colouring and water to create it. We placed sand and stones at the edges of a tray, and ran the tin foil in a meandering way through it. We diluted water with blue food colouring in a jug and poured into onto the tinfoil. However, we discovered this wasn’t an accurate model of a river as it wasn’t flowing. We came up with a plan to punch some holes with a pencil at the ‘mouth of the river’ and it did the trick. Our model river began to flow out into the sea, imitating a real river.

We then turned our focus to building a bridge to cross the river! We put our engineering hats on and worked in groups to design a bridge that would work. The aim was to ensure our bridge designs would hold a toy car for 30 seconds. We used a variety of materials to create our bridges, One team used building blocks, another used Lego, we had another group using cardboard and recycled materials, one using lollipop sticks and sellotape and we had an edible bridge made from ‘Pringles’. We used team effort, discussion, reason and problem solving to design and create our bridges. It was an exciting experience for us and allowed us to work as an engineer for a short while!

The history of Halloween came in a timely way for us and we discovered that Halloween dates right back to the time of The Celts. We focused on our scary Halloween stories first, where the children drafted, edited and redrafted their stories. We drew illustrations to go with them and we digitally added them to our typed version. The children really enjoyed using their imaginations and the writing process.

We rounded of the month with some very enjoyable Halloween pumpkin paintings and a haunted village craft scene!

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Halloween from all of us in 3rd and 4th class!


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Halloween Slime Fun in First & Second Class https://www.gortskehy.com/2022/10/halloween-slime-fun-in-first-second-class/ https://www.gortskehy.com/2022/10/halloween-slime-fun-in-first-second-class/#respond Fri, 28 Oct 2022 11:04:31 +0000 https://www.gortskehy.com/?p=36243 (Visited 75 times, 3 visits today)]]> We had great fun making Halloween Slime in First & Second Class today!

First we measured out 100ml of PVA glue and poured it into a bowl.




Then we mixed in a few drops of food colouring and some glitter.


Next we added some bicarbonate of soda


We mixed it well and added in some contact lenses solution to bring all the slime together




We worked the slime using our hands, pushing and pulling it together until it formed Slime that we could play with.

We had great fun seeing how far we could stretch our slime out!








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County quarter-final victory! https://www.gortskehy.com/2022/10/county-quarter-final-victory/ https://www.gortskehy.com/2022/10/county-quarter-final-victory/#respond Thu, 20 Oct 2022 17:07:44 +0000 https://www.gortskehy.com/?p=36240 (Visited 9 times, 1 visits today)]]> Gortskehy Mini-7 ChampionsCongratulations to our Gortskehy girls who overcame an excellent team from St. Joseph’s NS, Ballinrobe, in a thrilling encounter this morning at Kilmaine GAA grounds. Having all the hallmarks of a competitive county quarter final, Gortskehy got off to a good start with points from Alaois, Faye and Holly. Ballinrobe bounced back with two goals while Gortskehy narrowed the gap to the bare minimum as half-time approached. A fine point from Ballinrobe left them two points ahead at the interval on a scoreline of Gortskehy (0-5); Ballinrobe (2-1).

Gortskehy had the better start in the second half with Alaois splitting the posts for a fine point and Ciara blasting to the net at the end of a great passing move. Ballinrobe responded with two points to leave the teams level midway through the half. Alaois found the net and Faye tapped over from a free while Ballinrobe again scored a goal and, with a minute to go, lofted over a point to leave the teams level on the brink of full-time.

In what was to be her final kick-out of the game, Grace sent a long ball down the center where, despite two markers and a scramble for possession, Faye came away with the ball finding Alaois with a well-placed pass. Alaois held her composure to send over the winning point before the welcome shrill of the final whistle was greeted by loud cheers from jubilant Gortskehy supporters made up of pupils and parents alike. It was a fantastic match and an excellent display of football by both teams.

Grace had a fine game in goal with excellent kick outs, Aoife and Sorsha were tireless on the back line with Sorsha blocking at least one certain goal as full time approached. Alaois and Faye were once again exceptional at mid-field with Holly M and Holly H performing very well against a strong Ballinrobe defence. Ciara made a match-winning contribution when she joined the fray in the second half with the final scoreline Gortskehy (2-8); Ballinrobe (3-4).

Both the county semi-final and final will be played in The Dome at the Connacht GAA Centre of Excellence on Thursday, November 17th. It’s the first time the school has reached this stage of the competition and we’re very proud of all the girls.

Gortskehy Mini-7 Champions

Team and panel: Grace, Sorsha, Aoife, Alaois (1-3), Faye (0-2), Holly M, Holly H (0-2), Ciara (1-1), Caitlin, Daphny, Niamh, Ailbhe, Zara.
Because of age restrictions in the Mini-7 competition, Alisha, Aoibhínn and Niamh couldn’t take to the field but are an integral part of our training and match preparation.

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