Túsla registered after-school.A Túsla registered After-school & Homework Club is available daily from 1.30 to 6.30pm as required. It is managed by Olivia McDonagh, an experienced after-school manager with a Montessori Diploma, High Scope Childcare Certificate and Food/Hygiene certification.

A weekly structured programme is provided including a hot meal for pupils staying after 2.30pm. The completion of homework is also supervised.

Pay only for the hours used and monitor your hours online. The service can be used on an occasional basis – €4.50/hour for 1 child, €4 each per hour for 2 children, €3.50 each per hour for 3 children.

Member of the National Childcare Subsidy Scheme.Member of the National Childcare Subsidy Scheme

As we are now registered with Túsla ALL parents with children on the roll are eligible to access the afterschool at a subsidised rate under the new National Childcare Scheme.

The subsidy depends on your level of reckonable income. Reckonable income is calculated by taking your net family income and deducting any allowable items under the Scheme, such as the Multiple Child Discount. In other words it is the family income, including social protection payments, after tax, PRSI, USC, and any allowable items under the Scheme have been deducted.

If your reckonable income is €26,000 or below you are entitled to €3.75 per hour per child.

Rates reduce on a sliding scale so, for example, if your reckonable income is €47,500 you are entitled to €1.38 per hour per child.

After-school and Homework Club

Further information for parents can be found on https://ncs.gov.ie/

To apply for the scheme you will need a Public Services Card (PSC). If you think you would benefit from the subsidy you should apply now for a free PSC card at https://www.mygovid.ie/ You will not be able to join the scheme without a PSC card.

Click here for a Subsidy Calculator where you can see how much you can benefit.

Contact the school or Olivia McDonagh for more information.

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