Covid-19 lockdown and back to school

Posted by Alyssa On October - 23 - 2020

It first started in China and went all over the place. That’s the covid-19 virus. Then it got to Ireland and the teachers told us we had two weeks off. Everybody was so happy. After all the excitement they told us we had homework. The class went silent. After telling us to get our books, for maybe a week we did not have homework and then for a few months we had Zoom and my favourite bit was when we had history. I would listen and take notes and in my spare time and I would play on my nintendo d.s.

One time I missed Zoom and I joined 6th class by accident. It was kind of funny because I had no clue what they were talking about. After all of the summer holidays we got a new paddling pool and we took down our old swings and put up a new one. Our summer holidays flew past and it was September before we knew it. Then we went back to school and I got to see my friends again.      

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