Back to school during a pandemic

Posted by Ella On October - 22 - 2020

The best thing about being back to school is….

well, it was very boring at home, because we were at home for nearly six months. So, I was glad that we could go back to school. The best thing is that we have a massive Gaelic football pitch, an astroturf pitch and, best of all, we are across the road from my house! We are in Garrymore complex. When people ask ‘’how do you get to school everyday?’’ I reply “I walk to my school”. ‘’Well isn’t your school a few km away?’’ they ask. ‘’Well my school is only across the road’’, I reply. It was very scary going back to school for the first time in six months, especially when the Covid-19 cases were high. But now it’s normal to get up and go to school. And I’m very glad we can go to school and see our friends.

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