Back To School After Lockdown

Posted by Seán On October - 23 - 2020

In quarantine there was nothing to do.  I was just playing football and playing my Xbox. When I left school I brought all my books and I was tired of the work at home. So my mother let me stop doing it.

I got an email from school because I was watching my mother’s phone. The message was from my teacher so I gave it to my mother and she read it. She said there would be online school using Zoom.  It was alright but my internet was bad so it wasn’t that good for me. It was to chat will all the 5th class boys in the breakout rooms. It was every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

We finished Zoom for the summer and it zoomed by! Before we knew it we were going back to school. We are now in school in Garrymore Hall because a new classroom is being built in Gortskehy. It’s great to see all my friends and playing on the astroturf is great.

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