Back To School 2020

Posted by Lily On October - 22 - 2020

It was the 31st of August and we were going back to school. I was quite excited but something was different this year. Covid- 19 was here and everyone had to social distance, use hand sanitiser, wear a mask and stay at home. Also we were getting a new classroom so 5th and 6th class had to go to Garrymore. That was ok because now we have an astroturf pitch to play in and if it’s raining we play basketball in the hall. Mr. Ó Beirn laid out the class so cousins are beside each other. We still have the chromebooks and Mr. Ó Beirn put wifi in the hall. We also have ukuleles and we are starting them soon. Even though we are in difficult  times, I’m very happy that we are back to school. 

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