Back To School 2020

Posted by Diane On October - 22 - 2020

It is good to be back at school so we can see our friends and be able to socialise. It’s good to be able to play sports with our friends at school because it can be a bit hard to play alone. It is nice to have something to do instead of waiting at home all the time. But I like the end of school too. It is good to be back to school because we get to play basketball.

It is also good to go back to school because we are getting our education. I like being back at school because it is nice to be creating art. It is great we are in Garrymore  because we get to use the astro-turf pitch. School is a lot better than at home because we don’t have to use Zoom for lessons even though I loved only having a few days of school. That was good but it is nice to see our friends every day at school. Thanks for reading.

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