Back To School 2020

Posted by Niamh On October - 22 - 2020

Since we have started school again we have been in Garrymore hall while a new classroom is being built back at the school. I like being at school in the hall because we use the new astro-turf pitch for break times and P.E. We also use half of the hall for basketball games when it’s raining. The other half of the hall is for our school work.

We have our own laptops and pair of headphones for our technology work and our own scissors and glue sticks for art. It is quite different from last year as we’re not in a normal classroom but it’s a nice change. Another change that has happened is with the bus. You see, this is how it works… everyone gets on the bus (except Sadhbh and Ella as their houses are right across from Garrymore hall) and sits in their newly assigned seats. At home time the bus brings us from Garrymore hall to the school where most people get off as they are getting picked up in the car. Then, whoever is left on the bus has to wait for the younger classes to get on the bus and then, once everyone is on, we can head for home!                                                                               

My Sugar Skull          My Halloween Skeleton Art      My Sunset Art

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