Back to School 2020

Posted by Sadhbh On October - 22 - 2020

It’s nice to be back at school again. If I’m being honest I was getting a bit sick of Zoom. Anyway, I am really enjoying the school year because we’re actually not in the school we are in Garraí Mór hall and that’s one of the reasons why I’m happy. It’s nice seeing your friends again after lockdown.

We have lots of things to do in the hall like, when it is raining, we stay inside and play basketball and when it is not raining we play soccer or Gaelic football on the astro turf, we also have a league where there are two teams and in the league we play soccer or Gaelic against each other.

We have work at school but it’s mostly fun. I really enjoy doing art, PE, computer work, science, religion, maths (especially) and Geography. All of them are fun and interesting to do. I am really enjoying the year so far.


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