Back To School 2020

Posted by Senan On October - 23 - 2020

I am happy to be back to school because I can see my friends and play soccer and Gaelic on the astro-turf pitch. That’s because we’re in Garrymore hall while the new classroom is being built in Gortskehy. When it is raining we can have a game of basketball inside. I like doing art with my friends – sunset art, mask art or the skeletons.

I really like working on the chromebooks. It’s good how we only use half of the hall for school so we can play basketball on the other half. I would rather be in the hall than being in the school but unfortunately we have to go back to school when the building is finished but that is in a few months so we are ok for now.

Senan's Tree Art  Senan's skull Senan's Skeleton

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