How we use Zoom for remote learning

Posted by Máistir Ó Beirn On May - 29 - 2020

This short video is a snapshot of how we used Zoom during the Covid-19 lockdown.


From our experience over the past few weeks, here are some practical tips which may be helpful to other schools.

– Set up one recurring Zoom meeting for all sessions and have pupils register before joining. In this way, the same link and meeting ID works for all sessions. Having pupils register also means that the results from Zoom meeting polls are linked to each pupil in your class.

– Set up breakout rooms by class (boys/girls). Before most of our Zoom lessons pupils log in early so they can chat to each other privately in the group breakout rooms. Some also chat together after each lesson and it’s a great social aspect to the Zoom Education platform.

– At the start of each lesson click on the ‘Participants’ button and ask pupils to raise their virtual hand to make sure they all can hear you.

– Mute all microphones at the start of the lesson. Pupils can unmute their own microphones as required.

– Use the Chat feature for feedback and to check for understanding. This is useful on a number of levels:
1) everyone is engaged at the same time;
2) feedback is private so pupils don’t have to worry about being unsure of the answer;
3) the teacher can accurately assess who understands the particular concept and who doesn’t.

– Bring in a guest speaker. Almost every community has some friend or family members living abroad so there’s great excitement in interviewing them on Zoom.

– Sharing video can have mixed results depending on the quality of the pupils’ internet connection. Maybe, try podcasts instead. Get the children to write two or three questions in their copies as they listen. Have a Q & A session after every 10 minutes using the pupil questions to keep the lesson interactive. Check out Imagined Life and American Innovations

– In a multi-class setting, maths lessons are best held in individual class groups. All other subject lessons work fine in common.

– Team teaching on Zoom with the SEN teacher works great.

Zoom for Education

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