Video: Creative Schools Week 2019

Posted by Ms. Naughton On November - 14 - 2019

Last week, we celebrate Creative Schools Week (4th – 8th November).  This was an opportunity to showcase, celebrate and share our creative work that is being undertaken in the school this year to date.  Our key focus within Creative Schools is Music.

This year, our 4th, 5th and 6th classes are taking part in the “Ceilí Ukulele” programme which is run by Music Generation Mayo.

Céilí Ukulele is designed as a 28-week programme over the academic year, with weekly lessons of 60 minutes’ duration.  Over the course of a full academic year, students will aim to learn 15+ songs &  20+ melodies on the ukulele, as well as honing their performance skills through regular group practice and performance.  Each week, our specialist Music Generation Mayo musician-tutor, Keif, visits the school to provide whole-class tuition designed to engage and excite students about playing the ukulele and singing accompanying songs.

We have completed 8 weeks and have learnt so much already.

Here is a video of our talented pupils performing a song accompanied by the ukulele:


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