School Tour 2019

Posted by Ms. McDonald On June - 12 - 2019

Our Junior room school tour 2019 was such fun! We started our day at the Galway Atlantaquaria in Salthill where we were given a guided tour of the National Aquarium of Ireland. Firstly we met the baby Sea Bream in the big splash tank. Then we learnt about some flat fish and entered the submarine!  Next we saw the adult Sea Bream followed by touching some Rays and Sharks!!! This lead us onto the lovely Sea horses and Clown fish, Conger eels and large lobsters. We learned about the Cuckoo Wrasse and we looked at the harbour scene and its inhabitants. The children also saw some larger sea creatures in the seawater tank. We saw lots of Cod which most of the children love to eat with chips and then Mr. Octopus.

Upstairs we learnt all about Jellyfish and some freshwater fish. We saw a manmade weir for the trout and we got to feed them. We also got to feed the Carp and Koi. In the Tropical fish section, we saw beautiful colourful fish and Piranhas. We fed bread to lots of Mullet fish who splashed us all. Lastly but not least the children were allowed to hold starfish and a spider crab.

As the day was lovely we spent some time in the playground before going for lunch in Supermacs. After this we all needed a walk along the prom before returning home again. We thoroughly enjoyed our day out, looking forward to the next trip already!! Please take a few minutes to watch a photostory of our day out, thanks.



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