Gort Sceiche Wall Art

Posted by Ms. Naughton On June - 10 - 2019

This year, we undertook a whole-school project to bring our pupil artistic talents outside.  The goal was to enhance our outdoor space with impactful art- one which promotes our schools values, our vision and raise a smile!

We are proud of our school and all it represents and we wanted to communicate, through art, everything that’s positive and important to our school. Using our name GORT SCEICHE,  we picked a theme for each letter. Every class designed the artwork representing the theme as follows for each letter:

GAnimals in our Environment


R – Learning at school

T – Religion

S – Place Names

C – Our School 




H – Digital/IT


Here are some photos of our pupils designing & creating their art earlier this year:

A special thank you to Melissa Walsh, MW Design, Print & Signs for making the letters and adding our pupil’s art to each letter. Her enthusiasm and creativity brought this project from 70 A4 sheets of themed artwork to what’s now proudly displayed on our school wall.

The finished letters –






We are so happy with the finished art!  Thank you to our amazingly talented pupils at Gortskehy who have brought this art to life with their creativity and artistic flair. We hope it makes you smile!

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