Physical Education in Gortskehy

Posted by Ms. Thomas On April - 8 - 2019

80% of Irish children, currently, are not active enough’

(Children’s Sport Participation and Physical Activity Study, 2010)

Physical Education is a very important part of the culture here in Gortskehy National School. We believe that it helps contribute to the well-being of all our pupils, helping them to lead full, active and healthy lives. We aim to foster a love and appreciation of physical activity in the children.

We have a physical education plan as part of our whole school plan and we work on a two year system, whereby we incorporate the fundamental movement skills over this time. Children from 1st – 6th class go swimming for 6 weeks every year covering the aquatics strand. Each year the teachers identify a strand that we need to develop.

Each classroom teacher is committed to teaching a broad, balanced and inclusive PE lesson every week. Currently, the infants are timetabled for PE on Tuesdays and Fridays for half an hour each day. The middle room are timetabled for one hour on Friday. The senior room are timetabled for one hour on Friday afternoon also. From time to time, we alter the days and duration of lessons, depending on the strands we are teaching. Some strands may require two half hour lessons in the week for 1st – 6th class pupils in order to allow children effectively master skills.


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