New Zealand Pen Pals

Posted by Ms. Donnellan On December - 5 - 2018

Our senior room have been lucky enough to pair up and become pen pals with pupils from 5th & 6th class in SS Peter & Paul Primary School near Wellington New Zealand. In preparation for this each child had to research New Zealand and create a presentation for this. Following completion of this project each class member shared their presentation. Last Wednesday the 28th of November after a very exciting wait we received our letters and learned the name(s) of our new pen pals. Some of our class were lucky enough to get two pen pals. All of the senior room had the opportunity to share their letter with the class and prepare their replies. Following the sharing of our letters we learned that the schools in New Zealand are very similar to us in many ways and have a very similar school day. Some big differences we noted were the weather, seasons and school holidays. Our pen pals are approaching their summer holidays now and getting excited for the break. We were very excited to send our first reply today and really enjoyed learning new information about our pen pals and life in New Zealand.


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