Reading Buddies

Posted by Ms. Naughton On March - 5 - 2018

Our Reading Buddy program is an initiative where older students participate in a paired reading activity with younger students.

This year, pupils from 4th/5th/6th classes (Big Buddies) were paired with pupils from 1st and 2nd classes (Little Buddies).  The pupils meet twice a week for 8 weeks.  Each week, the pairs & small groups read aloud to each other, benefiting both students reading & listening skills.

The ‘Little Buddies’ benefit from:

  • hearing stories read-aloud (modelling of reading fluency, phrasing and expression)
  • having conversations with an older student about topics that interest and involve them (extending their vocabulary, oral language abilities)
  • having regular opportunities to practice familiar reading with assistance
  • enjoying fun, positive experiences with older school children.

The ‘Big Buddies’ benefit from:

  • further developing their own literacy skills
  • fostering leadership and problem-solving skills
  • improved self-confidence that comes from being looked-up to
  • a very real and important reason to be responsible, and an opportunity to praised for positive behaviour

Reading Buddies can promote a higher interest and participation in reading, improvement in social and communication skills.  And, most importantly, it’s just FUN!

Here are some pictures of our buddies in action!





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