Buddy Bench

Posted by Ms. McDonald On February - 8 - 2018

Friendship…… is not something you learn in school. But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything.  Muhammad Ali

We are so excited and happy to have received our very own Buddy Bench! This has been a project involving the greater school community, without whose help and generosity, it would not have been possible. Eugene McCartan so generously donated the timber (Larch) and gave of his time cutting and delivering the timber. Claremorris Men’s Shed kindly designed and created the bench for us and lastly but very importantly the Infants all took part in decorating it!

What is a Buddy Bench? Buddy Benches are a fabulous resource used in schools throughout the world which promote positive mental health and emotional well being. It is a physical bench that is in the school yard and If a child has no one to play with or would like someone to talk to, they sit on the bench. This is a signal to the other children on yard that they need companionship. The children learn that it is ok to ask for help and others will come to their aid. Children learn it is not ok to leave anyone out and we treat others always, as we like to be treated ourselves. It is a safe place in a busy playground where loneliness can be dispelled and lifelong friendships fostered. It promotes inclusion for every child in the school. Everyone is valued.

Our beautiful New Buddy Bench!
Daphny, Niamh, Caitlin and Faye
Many thanks to Claremorris Men’s Shed and Eugene McCartan
Great excitement receiving our Buddy Bench today!

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