My trip to Portugal

Posted by Pierce On May - 9 - 2017

There were five people in my host family and six people including me. When I came in they were all there and they had a glass of milk for me and some cookies. They had two dogs and a cat. The cat’s name was Chef. They had one daughter  and they had a son. The mother’s name was Isabel and she was an English teacher. The dad was a teacher as well.  I enjoyed bringing the dogs for a walk. I had lots of fun and enjoyed staying with them.

At the school we did lots of things such as workshops, Lego Mindstorms, baking lemon cookies and we made a rocket out of a bottle. We also made a satellite, a photo frame and we met the mayor. We also went to the salt mines with the school, took part on a fitness walk, swimming and lots more. We went to a science museum in Lisbon and we also went baking. On one of the evenings we had a stargazing party for around an hour. We also went to the beach and and played football. We visited a factory that produces lettuce and melons. We saw huge churches and we saw the tomb of the unknown soldier from World War 1. When we were in the science museum most of us went on a bike 18 metres from the ground and cycled over a net. The school was really big. On the last night we had to show a short film to present our school and then we sang a song in Irish, played the tin whistle and Orlaith did some Irish dancing. I had lots of fun in Portugal. I had a great experience and I had lots of fun. 

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