Engineering Week Video: Junior Room

Posted by Ms. McDonald On March - 9 - 2017

This week is Engineering Week so I wanted to share with you some very exciting news and photos from our class. We are extremely lucky to have acquired three Ozobot Evo’s in our school. These little bots will prove an invaluable resource for all the children in our school.

Evo is a smart and social robot that teaches kids to code. Evo entertains you straight away with its LED lights, quirky sounds and moves. Evo uses Infrared Proximity Sensing to avoid obstacles and it is controlled from the app on your phone.

Hundreds of schools across the world have adopted Ozobot into their curriculum. Students using Ozobot within these schools are learning sequential thinking, logical reasoning and coding concepts. These critical life skills enable children from all walks of life to succeed in the future digital age.

The children have given our bots names these are Jimmy, Johnny and Double Trouble Rob. Please watch the video below to observe the children in my classroom learning through play with Evo.



As you can see from the video the children are so interested and excited in discovery play with the Ozobots. We will have Ozobots sessions with the middle classes and senior classes as well. Thanks a million to the Sixth class pupils and transition year students who helped out during the set-up and programming of the Ozobots. Also a huge thank you to Ms. Dooley for all her help and work with the little bots, she made all this wonderful exploratory play possible. This is the start of the next generation of computer scientists, engineers and inventors from Gortskehy!!!

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