St. Brigid’s Day

Posted by AmyH On February - 10 - 2017
Naomh Bríd
Naomh Bríd by Amy & Sian.

On the first of February we made St. Brigid’s crosses. They were made with rushes. Every class got a turn making them.

Saint Brigid was named after a goddess. She was born in Dundalk. She died in Kildare. Her feast day is on the first of February. Her name in Irish is Naomh Bríd. Her saint names are St. Brigid of Ireland or St. Brigid of Kildare. She is one of Ireland’s patron saints along with St. Patrick and St. Columba. She helped a lot of people and animals. She was very kind and loving. There are many stories of St. Brigid. Here is one of them.

One day while Brigid was cooking steak for dinner a hungry dog came by and smelled the food. He went to where Brigid was cooking. She gave him a steak even though she knew her father would be mad at her. The dog left and Brigid prayed that her father wouldn’t be angry. She looked in the pot and a new steak had appeared. God was helping her because she helped the dog.

Saint Brigid's crosses in the senior room.
Saint Brigid’s crosses in the senior room.
Crosses with the Senior Infants.
Crosses with Senior Infants.
Crosses with Junior Infants.
Crosses with Junior Infants.
Saint Brigid's crosses with the middle room.
Saint Brigid’s crosses with the middle room.
Crosses made by the middle room.
Making crosses in the middle room.
Making some crosses
Making some crosses.
The girls making crosses.
The girls with Ms. Dooley making crosses.
Sian and Amy with their Saint Brigids crosses and project.
Sian and Amy with their Saint Brigid’s crosses and project.
The lads with their crosses.
Eoin, Evan and Conor with their crosses.

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