Science Week

Posted by Ms. Thomas On November - 18 - 2016

We celebrated science week in the middle room with some exciting experiments!

We created a rainbow using skittles and warm water. We put the skittles on a plate in different shapes, then we poured some warm water in the middle and watched as the colour slowly started to run from the skittles, creating a rainbow. We even created a Mayo-themed rainbow!

First we put the skittles on a plate. .





The warm water created a rainbow when the colours ran.

A mayo themed rainbow!

On Thursday we had fun with another interesting experiment. We created a volcano using bread soda and vinegar. We put some bread soda in a bottle and then added vinegar and watched as our volcano erupted! We learned that a chemical reaction between the the vinegar and bread soda caused the eruption.

Volcano Eruption! Volcano Eruption


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