The Night Of Mother’s Return

Posted by Lexie On November - 29 - 2015

horseOnce upon a time there lived a beautiful girl named Christen. She loved to go to her father’s bird sanctuary. Whenever she went she would come back and say “what marvellous birds they are!” One day her father became very ill with the plague. Christen became worried, her mother had died when she was young and she became very connected to her father. She decided to try and get some medicine for her father in the next town.  She got on her horse, Shadow, and went to the gates. It was illegal to leave the town gates because of the plague so she had to sneak out to get the medicine for her father. She didn’t understand why there wasn’t a medicine shop in that town. She went to the gate and hid until dawn. Christen climbed over the gate and opened it from the other side. She climbed on to her horse and went in search of the pharmacy. After an hour of riding Christen began to feel scared that she wouldn’t get back in time. She was tired and her horse began to slow down. Another hour passed and Christen reached the town but the gate was locked. She sat down and began to cry next to a giant, stone wall. She looked up and saw a sweet, quite short lady looking at her. The lady wiped away Christen’s tears, gave her a handkerchief and walked away. Christen looked at the handkerchief, it said “you can do anything my dear”. Christen knew it was her mother, she got up and tried to open the gate. It opened with a creak.

She went in and she was quite scared. She looked around and saw the pharmacy in the distance. She climbed on Shadow and rode to the pharmacy. When she got there it was nearly sunrise she went in and got the medicine. She described her father’s symptoms and asked the pharmacist how long he had left to live. “I’m afraid he only has twenty-four hours” replied the lady behind the till. Christen was told to leave as they were closed. She sat outside leaning against a new, strong wall. As night fell she set off back to find her father’s house.

streetHer own town seemed strange at night. She had to go through dark and dangerous streets but she did it for her father. For about half an hour she roamed through the maze of cobblestone streets. “No wonder it’s called the dark quarter” she pondered. She was glad her horse did not get injured from all the broken street-lamps. She had to hurry if she was to get back in time to save her father. Christian rode as fast as she could. The sun was rising as she reached her father’s house. All of a sudden a deep growl echoed from the gloom. It spooked Shadow. Christen was thrown off her horse, banged her head on a rock and everything went black.

When she awoke she noticed she was in her bed. It was all a dream. She was so glad to see her father was okay. She also saw her mother standing there safe and sound. Every year they celebrate the night of her mother’s return.

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