A Wild Adventure

Posted by Megan On January - 31 - 2014

Candy VillageOne day, my friend Lorna and I were walking along my garden path when suddenly we fell down a MASSIVE hole. It was scary but mostly fun. A few seconds later we were sitting in the middle of lollipop trees! We got up and started looking around for a bit and it only took us like 5 seconds to notice that we were in the middle of place called ‘Candy Village’!

Lorna started to eat all the candy floss bushes and I started to eat all the jelly bean grass! Then we saw a girl coming out of a ginger-bread house. Lorna had a crazy thought that the girl might be the evil witch in Hansel and Gretel, but I managed to calm her down. The girl came over to us and let us know that her name was Lily-Anne and we told her our names. Then she asked us if we were lost and we replied that indeed we were. So she offered to help us get home. She asked us where we lived and I said a place called Killeenrevagh and sure enough that’s where she lived too. She was curious as to how we had arrived in Candy Village so I said Lorna and I were walking along my garden path and we just fell down a huge hole. Then she started to look worried. So I asked her what was wrong and she said that that’s how she had arrived here and she’d never found a way home.

Well THAT set Lorna off and she panicked so much that she nearly fainted! It took half an hour to calm her down completely. We all came up with a plan together. Our plan was to all look for our homes together. We started to look for passageways at first because that’s how we all got here in the first place. A few minutes later Lorna tripped over a lever that caused the ground to open revealing a dark tunnel. At first we were all very surprised but I really wanted to descend and see what was down there so we all slid down the tunnel and ended up in the underworld!

We got up and later on we ran into a boy and he introduced himself and said his name was ‘Thomas’ from ‘Killeenreavagh’ too! (What luck!) So Thomas joined us on our journey and we started to look for more passageways. While we were looking Lorna started telling us jokes, the first few were pretty funny but as we were going on they didn’t even make sense. After listening to a few more jokes that didn’t make sense we decided we had had enough so we told Lorna that our situation was no laughing matter. It took us a really long time to find another passageway. In fact we turned the whole UNDERWORLD upside down trying to find passageways.

We got lucky when Lily-Anne found a lamp leaning against the wall and pulled it out. It opened a big crater in the wall. None of us wanted to enter in case we would go to another world! Thomas was not afraid so he pushed all of us into the tunnel and sure enough we ended up in my back garden. We all ran home and couldn’t wait to tell our parents about the wild adventure!!!!!

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