The Halloween Game

Posted by Jamie On October - 25 - 2013

From each end of the globe they came,
Ghosts and vampires of every name.
“She won’t be here” they all exclaim,
All afraid she’d play a good game.

“Start it up” said the ghosts in a terrible rush
“before she comes on that top-speed brush”.
No sooner than said they heard the loud whoosh
She flew over a pumpkin and turned it to mush.

“Ye started without me” she said with a cackle
“were ye hoping I wouldn’t be here for the tackle?”
Straight away she started to play
“that nasty old witch” you could hear them all say.

With a dip and a dive she gave the ref a high five
“It’s funny playing a game and not one player alive”,
“Just as well” said the ref
“They’d never survive”.

The witch took a kick; they thought it was wide
but according to squawkeye it was just inside.
The vampires took revenge and sent it in quick
and over the bar it went with a flick.

With a whoosh of the broom she lifted the ball
“not fair” said the ghosts “that was our call”
but the witch pretended not to see him at all
“don’t worry” said the ref “the score is one all”.

With a sprinkle of magic from that terrible stick
“Over the bar “said the witch and not even a kick.
The ghosts were all pale, “not another fail”
but the witch sent them spinning “I’m here for the winning”,
”off the post” said the ref, “it’s not over the line,”
“ok” said the witch but “the next one is mine”.

Once again that stick she pulled from her pocket,
“I dare any of you to try and block it”.
“He he” said the witch “that’s three to me”,
The ghosts just gave in and said “you’re so mean”,
said she “same time and place next year and I promise to play clean…..he he he”.

My Halloween Picture

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