Our visit to the Maginot Line

Posted by Marie On March - 26 - 2013

Today we got up very early – 6.30am!! We had breakfast at 7 and then went by tram to our partner school in Hoenheim. In France they start school at 8 o’clock and at the platform the teachers and children greeted us with Irish flags and a big cheer. It was so nice. We then boarded a coach to visit the Fort of Schoenenbourg. It was the most heavily bombed fort on the Maginot Line in World War 2. The French hoped the Line would prevent a German invasion but the Germans went around it through the Ardennes forest. We had a tour which lasted over two hours.

Afterwards we went back to the school where we were given lunch. We introduced ourselves to the other children. We played basketball and soccer with them. We painted plastic Easter eggs and made some bunnies with marla. Then we sang a French song we had learned with the French children. Everyone clapped. The vice-Mayor of Strasbourg was also there to visit us. The Mayor will come on Thursday to say hello. Strasbourg is in Alsace and the French children did a traditional Alsation dance. Tonight the teachers are taking us out for a traditional Alsation meal. Their traditional dish is like a type of pizza so we’re looking forward to it! 🙂


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