How to Cook Spaghetti

Posted by Rachel On February - 15 - 2012

I love spaghetti.

1. Put the spaghetti in a big saucepan of boiling water.
2. Make sure you haven’t put worms in by mistake!
3. Put the fire out and start again but don’t leave it for an hour in the pan this time.
4. Throw the burned spaghetti out to the dog.
5. Bring the dog to the vet and start again.
6. Check the spaghetti and put your hand in to taste one.
7. Put your hand under the tap, and put the spaghetti in the bin.
8. After five more tries put the spaghetti on a plate and carry the plate to the table.
9. Clean the broken plate up and the spaghetti off the floor, and start again.
10. Carry the saucepan to the table and put the spaghetti in the bowl.
11. Put a tea cloth where the saucepan has burned through the table cloth and put out the fire.
12. Eat the tiny bit of spaghetti that’s left and enjoy.
13. After you have eaten, and you are still hungry because the pack of spaghetti was  nearly gone, put some sausages in a frying pan and ONLY leave them for about four or five minutes.
14. Turn off the TV and put out the fire.
15. Start again.
16. Put some beans into the microwave for five minutes.
17. Clean up the mess from the beans which have just blown up.
18. You should have known better, start again.
19. Give your cat the burnt sausages.
20. Bring your cat to the vet, and on your way home get a take-away!!!


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