My Christmas Poem

Posted by Rachel On December - 21 - 2011

It was Christmas Eve
and it snowed a lot,
It was very cold
but the fire was hot!

Santa was coming
down the chinmey tonight,
so I tried my best
for that day not to fight!

I was lying in bed
but I could not sleep,
then I heard bells,
so I went downstairs for a peep!

There was Santa
with his big black bag,
and under the tree
were some presents with tags!

I went back up to bed
and I had a good dream.
In the morning I ran down the stairs
but ended up in a heap!

I opened my present
it was a cute teddy deer!
Have a merry Christmas
and a happy New Year!!!

By Rachel, 5th class!

Click on the audio button below to hear me read my poem.



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