Bertha Saves the Day

Posted by Orla On November - 8 - 2010

Bertha bunny had a shiny nose
And this she could not mend,
Because her little powder puff
Was right at the end.

She felt upset with all her chums
Who chuckled ‘there she goes,
Like Rudolf, only smaller,
With a pink and perky nose’.

One day, the bunnies hopped and skipped.
And wandered far away
Into the dark and wicked wood
They couldn’t find their way.

‘Oh no, were lost’ cried little Bob
Because he was only three.
‘My mummy will be worrying
If I’m not home in time for tea’.

It got so dark they couldn’t tell
Which was the way to go.
Then Bertie spotted Bertha’s nose
All shiny and aglow.

‘Berthas nose will light our way’,
Cried Bertie bun with glee.
Yippee’ the others yelled with joy,
‘We’ll be home in time for tea!’

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