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Founded in 1887, Gortskehy National School is a three-teacher primary school situated in the parish of Roundfort, County Mayo. Our school is characterised by very positive working relationships among the whole school community: management, teachers, parents and pupils. There is a welcoming and homely atmosphere in the school and a stimulating learning environment provided for all. To view a pupil’s work, photos or videos search using his/her first name only in the box above. For pupils with the same first name add the first letter of their surname e.g. EvanF, EvanG, AmyF, AmyH.

Live U2 ticket draw

Posted by Máistir Ó Beirn On June - 13 - 2017

Congratulations Maura Gilmore on winning our two U2 tickets today! Thanks to everyone who entered. This was our first live broadcast event and we’re really proud of Amy, Lexie and Evan in sixth class who presented so well.  Thanks also to James Heaney and Garrymore GAA for the use of their drum. A recording of the draw which took place live here at 2pm can be viewed below.

Entrants: Catríona Uí Bheirn (x 2), Maura Gilmore (x 2), Cathy Fitzpatrick, Patrick Langan, Margarita Corscadden, Lynda Hession (x 2), Darragh Beagan, Michelle Gannon, Patrick Burke (x 2), Micheál O’Hehir (x 2), Paul McGurnaghan, Suzanne McDonald, Caroline Connolly (x 2), Bridget Curran, Lorraine Corcoran (x 2), Declan Smith, Marie Hession, Mairéad Delaney (x 2), Niamh Murray, Carol Doherty (x 2), Martin Morris, Margaret O’Connell, Laura Reynolds, Edmund Kavanagh, Dave Loftus, Fergal Kent, Jennifer Jordan (x 2), Michelle Harley (x 2), Patrick Hagan, Colette Flaherty, Patricia Jennings, Monica Dix, Robert Fergus Madden (x 2), Yvonne Francis, Gareth Murphy, Siobhán Mangan Heaney, Margaret Nimmo, Michelle Flynn, Sarah Ryan, Michael Dolan, Dominic Ó Braonáin, Laura Commins, Sandie Hession, Mary Lydon (x 2), James Minogue, Fintan Jennings, Pauline Jennings, Olivia Tierney (x 2), John McDonald.

Video: Visit to Clooncormack Woods

Posted by Ms. McDonald On June - 12 - 2017

Clooncormack WoodsWell, the morning of June 9th was a very exciting one for the pupils of Junior & Senior Infants. We commenced our school tour woodland walk through Clooncormack Woods in the company of Eugene and Bernice McCartan who very kindly showed us their fabulous nature trail.

We started our great day out whereby Eugene spoke to us about the trees and showed the children a 300 year old Beech tree. This also had markings of treasure maps on it from the pirates that frequent the woods!!! After this we heard about the Barn Owl and Eugene showed us some nesting sites. These are magnificent creatures that find a safe place like a tree cavity usually over 8ft from the ground to lay their clutch. As the sun sets and the dusk falls each day in the shade of Clooncormack’s canopy, they take flight to go search for food.

Clooncormack WoodsNext we saw the underground sett of the badger found on an incline. There are usually several entry points to the main sett and each territory is controlled by a family of badgers. As they spend a lot of their time digging tunnels and extending their network of setts, I would say this is where they were when we were visiting Clooncormack woods!

Clooncormack WoodsFollowing our tour guide we were led deeper into the woods to an area where the McCartans have created a beautiful picnic area. We all stopped for refreshments and our teddy bears’ picnic. The children enjoyed eating ‘al fresco’ and chatting about the different animals and places they had been to so far. Very close by, Eugene showed us the area where often a pine martin frequents. It was here also that Sorsha was sure she spotted something further up the trail, possible our friend the woodland pirate Micky McGoon!!!

Then we walked along the edge of the woods until Eugene pointed out the den of Mr. Fox and his family. Again, they are nocturnal animals so we missed seeing the fox as he was probably very busy hunting while we were having sweet dreams. The children loved seeing where all our woodland creatures make their homes. It was so peaceful and calm in the woods during our walk that we could hear different bird calls and see different vegetation under the woodland canopy. Eugene has built a log cabin on the perimeter of the woods which the bats use to roost. The bats hunt over the surrounding open fields and the stream to feast on the abundance of insects in this habitat.

The next creature we were all told about was the Otter. The otter is one of our oldest mammals having been found here since the end of the last Ice Age, about 10,500 years ago! There is a rock in the middle of the stream flowing adjacent to the woods that feeds in to the River Robe and it is here that every now and again Mr. Otter leaves his holt to take a rest. Otters are territorial and usually live alone so he has this part of the riverbank all to himself.

Eugene expertly explained to the children in their own language all about our discoveries. Once we reached camp, the children could go to the composting toilet if they so wished, which is a fantastic ecological feature of this wood. Here at the campsite the children enjoyed their hot lunch and had a sing-song! We all saw where Micky McGoon sleeps at night and got our picture taken inside his shelter!! On leaving the woodland we crossed over the bridge and observed the habitat and home of our spiky friend the hedgehog.

To say the children had a wonderful, educational and energetic day does not do justice to the tour we were brought on by the McCartan’s through their fantastic estate. To have such an incredible educational resource and woodland territory so close by is a gift.

The breadth of knowledge and passion for the woodland that Eugene has is astounding and infectious, in that you go away looking at the hedgerows and surrounding countryside differently and with an added sense of curiosity. Thank you Eugene and Bernice.

Please take a few minutes to view the photostory video of our visit, I’m sure you will enjoy it!!

Clooncormack Woods  Clooncormack Woods    Clooncormack Woods

Video: New Entrants 2017

Posted by Ms. McDonald On June - 7 - 2017

We welcomed Daphny, Donnacha, Caitlin, Frank, Niamh, Ciara, Mark and Shay to school today.  Everyone enjoyed playing games, colouring and learning to sing ‘Mr. Sun’.

New Entrants 2017

Daphny, Donnacha, Caitlin, Frank, Niamh, Ciara, Mark and Shay

  1. Best of luck to all the boys and girls

  2. Shay looked so cute sitting at his desk x

  3. Mark had a wonderful day at Gortskehy

  4. Mark looks so gown up!

  5. Marie Martin Marie Martin says:

    Aww their cute little faces showing their hard work. Glad Mark had a wonderful day, your baby growing up Lynda x

  6. Shay enjoyed his first day at Gortskehy Primary,

  7. Best of luck to Shay Michelle Kennedy-O’Toole

  8. Thanks Lorraine Fahy, he had a great day. Long may it last 🙂