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Founded in 1887, Gortskehy National School is a three-teacher primary school situated in the parish of Roundfort, County Mayo. Our school is characterised by very positive working relationships among the whole school community: management, teachers, parents and pupils. There is a welcoming and homely atmosphere in the school and a stimulating learning environment provided for all. To view a pupil’s work, photos or videos search using his/her first name only in the box above. For pupils with the same first name add the first letter of their surname e.g. EvanF, EvanG, AmyF, AmyH.

Up Mayo!

Posted by Eoin On September - 16 - 2016

Best of luck to Caolan, the Mayo seniors and Galway minors on Sunday!

2016 All-Ireland Football Final 2016 All-Ireland Final

2016 Tour to Petersburg!

Posted by Grace On June - 22 - 2016

On Monday the 20th we went on our school tour to Petersburg!

We went rock climbing and also built rafts which we sailed on Lough Mask. While building the rafts we learned how to tie four different types of knots. For the rock climbing we had to trust each other… A LOT!

Here are some photos of the trip.

New Entrants 2016

Posted by Ms. Naughton On June - 10 - 2016

It was lovely to welcome Thomas, Faye, Corey, Cormac, Jamie, Aoife, Darragh, Holly and Jayden to school today. We played games, coloured lovely butterflies and sang songs. Looking forward to seeing you all again in September.

Thomas, Faye, Corey, Cormac, Jamie, Aoife, Darragh, Holly, Jayden

Thomas, Faye, Corey, Cormac, Jamie, Aoife, Darragh, Holly, Jayden

  1. Gorgeous photo – Faye loved her first day!

  2. Beautiful Olivia, how are you after Faye’s first day ?

  3. Thanks mau, She was happy so I was happy!

  4. Little cuties. She does look happy Olivia Tierney.

  5. Hard to believe Faye is in National school, Cathal and James must be delighted, where are the years going !

  6. Oh my god look how happy the little fairy looks☺️ can’t believe she’s going to school!!