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Founded in 1887, Gortskehy National School is a three-teacher primary school situated in the parish of Roundfort, County Mayo. Our school is characterised by very positive working relationships among the whole school community: management, teachers, parents and pupils. There is a welcoming and homely atmosphere in the school and a stimulating learning environment provided for all. To view a pupil’s work, photos or videos search using his/her first name only in the box above. For pupils with the same first name add the first letter of their surname e.g. EvanF, EvanG, AmyF, AmyH.

Naíonáin Sinsir (2016/17)

Posted by AmyH On February - 16 - 2017

Senior Infants (2016/17)

(F) Cian, Glen, Eóghan, Eoin, Enda, Gavin (B) Sorsha, Aoibhínn, Alaois, Grace, Holly, Niamh, Alisha.

Naíonáin Sóisir (2016/17)

Posted by Alex On February - 16 - 2017

Junior Infants (2016/17)

(F) Holly, Jamie, Corey, Aoife, (B) Cormac, Darragh, Faye, Thomas, Jayden

  1. What handsome boys you have Debbie Clarke and Danielle Jennings

Rang 2 (2016/17)

Posted by Pierce On February - 16 - 2017

Second class (2016/17)

(F) Senan, Lily, Diane, Sadhbh, Ryan (B) Ella, Dayna, Caylum, Aoibhínn, Niamh, Fiona