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Founded in 1887, Gortskehy National School is a three-teacher primary school situated in the parish of Roundfort, County Mayo. Our school is characterised by very positive working relationships among the whole school community: management, teachers, parents and pupils. There is a welcoming and homely atmosphere in the school and a stimulating learning environment is provided for all. To view a pupil’s work, including photos/videos they feature in, type his/her first name only in the search box above and click ‘Go’. For pupils with the same first name add the first letter of their surname e.g. EvanF, EvanG, AmyF, AmyH.

The story of a girl and her lost dolls

Posted by AmyH On February - 9 - 2016

Once upon a time there lived a girl named Aoife who was getting ready to move house. She was packing the last of her things when her mother called her. “Come downstairs Aoife, dinner is ready” her mother shouted. Aoife came thumping down the stairs. Half an hour later Aoife went back up the stairs as she was finished her dinner. She went into her room to pack up her dolls, well any of the dolls that she could find.

The long lost doll

The long lost doll

Two years before she had lost a doll but she didn’t care because it was her least favourite. Aoife didn’t even look for that doll. She started to walk over to where she had left them but they weren’t there. She didn’t care, then she muttered “I don’t care about losing the dolls because they will just take up space in my one of the suitcases”. Aoife went over to her bed and started to read a book. Eventually she got tired and fell asleep. Then,  suddenly, Aoife heard her cat Lala meow. Aoife awakened at once. She turned her head to see what was the matter. She saw the cat and all of the dolls including the old doll that was lost years ago. The state of the dolls scared Aoife the most because their eyes were red.

The dolls had become evil. They were angry with her for forcing them to live in a box and tying up their hair in really tight hair styles. The long lost doll was the most angry with Aoife because she didn’t like how Aoife always lost her. They were planning to cast a spell on her when Lala (Aoife’s cat) walked in. Lala started to meow at the sight of the dolls. Aoife woke up when she heard her cat’s meow. She turned her head and saw the dolls. She ran down the stairs as fast as her legs could go.

Aoife told her mom about the dolls so they moved house earlier on than planned that day and left the dolls behind. But that didn’t stop the dolls. Soon the dolls found Aoife’s new house. They climbed the  wall of the house and got in through the window. They went under the bed and waited for Aoife. When Aoife entered her room, one doll came out from under the bed and locked the door. Aoife became very afraid. She screamed but no-one heard her. The dolls tied her hair up in a tight bun. Aoife didn’t like that. She said that she was very sorry. Aoife also stated that from this day on she would only be nice to them and brush their hair lightly. The dolls were satisfied with that and let Aoife brush their hair again. Aoife kept her promise and lightly brushed their hair. She then went downstairs.

Ella burst into a rage and ran upstairs then, for no reason at all, she fell asleep. The dolls were extremely mad at Ella so they cast a spell on her while she was asleep. Then Aoife’s sister Ella went upstairs. She saw Aoife’s dolls. Now Ella was only two years old so leaving a pair of scissors where she could find them wasn’t a great idea. In fact it wasn’t a great idea at all. Ella saw a pair of scissors on Aoife’s dressing table. Ella picked the scissors and started by cutting off most of the hair on the top of her own head. Next she cut Aoife’s favourite doll’s hair and then the rest of Aoife’s dolls. Ella left the pair of scissors down and went downstairs. When Ella got to the bottom of the stairs her mom saw her hair. Ella’s mom brought her to a hairdresser. They went inside and the hairdresser saw Ella’s hair. The hairdresser ended up shaving every last hair on Ella’s head. Ella used to have very long hair for her age, it used to reach the bottom of her back, and now she had none. They went back to their house. Aoife saw Ella and laughed at her.

The dolls were now very mad at Ella so they cast a spell on her that not a single hair on her head would ever grow again. Three years had passed and Ella’s hair never grew. Ella was now five years old and had no hair. She was to start school in September, but because of the fact that Ella had no hair, she decided not to go because she would become too embarrassed.   

Lala the catElla was very jealous of Aoife’s beautiful long hair. Years went by and Aoife’s hair only grew longer. Ella became a hairdresser and Aoife came to her salon. Ella saw her opportunity. In the blink of an eye and with a snip, snip, snip she got the scissors and cut all of Aoife’s hair off. Aoife got very cross with Ella. “I’m sorry Aoife but I became very jealous of your long hair” she murmured meekly.  I had planned on making myself a wig but instead I will give it to your dolls” muttered Ella sadly. “Ella, just how will you give my hair to my dolls?” Aoife asked her sister. ”I’ll make wigs for the dolls“ replied Ella. “But what about the spare hair, you know, the hair not being used on the dolls?” Aoife asked quizzically. “We will donate it to the Rapunzel charity” stated Ella.”What on earth is the Rapunzel charity ?” Aoife asked. “The Rapunzel charity is an organisation set up to make wigs for kids with no hair” replied Ella. That night the dolls got the wigs. Aoife and Ella went to sleep, the dolls had cast a spell on the two young teenagers and the next day they had hair again. The dolls smiled and everybody lived happily ever after.  

Match Stick Art

Posted by Ms. Lally On January - 22 - 2016

We used match sticks to create a piece of art. We enjoyed using match sticks to create trees. It was interesting to see how they all came out.

Match Stick Trees Making Match Stick Trees Making Match Stick Trees Making Match Stick Trees Making Match Stick Trees

The Spy Movie

Posted by Grace On December - 3 - 2015

girl hanging from rooftop“Nooooo!” I shout as my friend falls off the rooftop, gravity pulling her towards her death. I peer over the rooftop while she falls screaming. Suddenly, I slip off the roof and fall. “CUT!!” screams the director, “No, no, no, no, NO! How many times have I told you? Do NOT stand on the very edge of the rooftop!” “Sorry” I reply, knowing that if I fail again I could lose my chance to become famous. “Ugh” the director sighs, “That’s a wrap people! Meet me here tomorrow at 8am SHARP! And Grace, if you get this wrong again, you’re fired, I repeat, FIRED!” “Yes sir, director sir.” I reply. All the studio people smirk behind my back.

By the time I get home it’s 9:30pm. I make myself some chicken nuggets and watch The Spy Next Door, my favourite movie. Half way through the movie I feel weird, like I was being pulled into something. I start to panic when I realise I’m being sucked into the T.V. I fall onto a rooftoprooftops, just like the one in the movie I am starring in. I see a thug trying to shoot my friend so I run over to him and karate kick him in the back. “Ow. Why did you do that? That’s just mean” he says. “Mmm, okay…” I think. He pushes her off the rooftop, and he flies away in his helicopter. “Nooooo!!!” I scream and run to the edge of the rooftop. I see my friend hanging on for dear life. I lean over the edge of the rooftop to pull her up, when I slip and fall. I’m wearing my bungee belt, I use it to shoot a rope up onto the rooftop and it automatically wraps itself around something. I grab my friend and pull us up to safety. My friend opens her mouth, I know she is about to thank me and say I’m awesome, but she doesn’t. “Beep, beep, beep, beep!” she repeats annoyingly. “Stop! that’s really annoying!” I protest. “Beep, beep, beep!” she carries on. “Stop… that is.. annoying” I mutter, half-asleep. My eyes widen. I look at my phone. “7:30am!” I scream realising it was all a dream. I quickly get up and get dressed before driving to the studiomovie set. By the time I get there it’s 7:59am.

The director comes towards me and glares suspiciously at me. “Grace is one minute early…” he says in a confused voice. “That’s… different. Well, come on! Let’s get into the studio and start the movie! Films don’t film themselves you know!” We start with the scene where my friend is falling off the roof top. I quickly grab her but I still need to practice my balancing skills as I slip again. The director is about to yell “stop!”, just as I get my bungee belt and shoot out a rope which automatically wraps itself around a pole. I pull us up onto the rooftop. “And… CUT! Grace, you were amazing!” Says the director surprisingly. I smirk knowingly. “This is going to be a great movie” I say to myself and feel very satisfied.